About Lakshmi Yoga
Welcome to Lakshmi Yoga, whatever your level of fitness or ability in yoga, we share the joy and wisdom, as well as the challenges, of being fifty plus and young at heart!
Don't worry if you're not actually over fifty, all are welcome, but it should give you an idea of who you will meet at our classes.

You'll fit right in
If you are worried about joining a new class I can reassure you that you will fit right in to our classes.
Feel free to get in touch for a chat if you would like to.

If you sometimes feel tense and anxious, worry about your health, have back pain, are looking for direction or simply feel a bit overwhelmed by the pace of life, then you have come to the right place.

Our Toolkit for Life's Challenges
Lakshmi Yoga offers the perfect toolkit to help you not only cope with life's challenges but also to get the most from your life in every way. Whether its yoga classes, meditation, walks, workshops or one to ones, create some space for yourself and

"…discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be." Patanjali

Come along, enjoy, and discover!
Lakshmi Yoga – our commitment to you
At Lakshmi Yoga, we are passionately committed to enriching your life through yoga, meditation, and self–development; teaching and empowering you to live the life you wish to live.

Safe and Supportive
We commit to providing a safe, supportive environment, allowing you to develop holistically at your own pace. We create a unique balance between light-hearted, fun classes and a true depth of teaching, communicating always with love, integrity, humility, and humour.

Our Commitment
Our students will always be at the heart of our programmes.

Our programmes will be consistently of the highest standards as we strive to continually develop, both as teachers and in our personal practice.

Lakshmi represents abundance. Our aim is that you experience abundant health and wellbeing. And because abundance is, well… abundant, we commit to giving 10% of our profits to charity!

North Leeds
We hold yoga and meditation classes for over fifties in North Leeds based in Adel.
My story

Hi, I'm Jane, I first came across Dru Yoga in 2001 after the birth of my son. At that time, I was suffering with post-natal depression and anxiety, but I don't think I had ever really felt worthy.

After my first Dru Yoga class with Mona Fairholme, I felt so good, I floated home! I couldn't put my finger on it, but the flowing movements and breath, combined with gentle humour and compassion seemed like magic to me.

Proud To be a Dru Yoga Teacher
To cut a long story short I decided to train as a Dru Yoga teacher and was proud to qualify in 2006.
Dru Meditation was the next step for me, taking the teachings of Dru Yoga to more depth and I became a qualified meditation teacher in 2010.

The holistic style of Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation helped me to not only overcome depression and anxiety, but gave me the confidence to set up Lakshmi Yoga, teaching yoga and meditation in Leeds.

Fifty Plus and Active, Like Me
I love teaching students who are fifty plus as I can relate so well to that age group. I consider myself to be a fit, active fifty plus year old, as are most of my students. Although ability varies I can see how greatly people benefit on so many levels and how effective Dru Yoga is for back pain, which is so prevalent.

Life Transformation
Dru Yoga has helped me to totally transform my life, and that is why I run Lakshmi Yoga, to make this inspirational yoga and meditation teaching available to a wide range of people of all abilities.

The charities we have chosen to support have a special place in our hearts.

Behind Closed Doors is a local charity that supports those suffering from domestic abuse. Despite this vital work, it still must work hard for every penny it receives.

The Funzi and Bodo Trust is a small organisation that works tirelessly in Kenya to provide those things that we take for granted. Clean water, health care and education. More than that, it gives hope and inspiration to communities for a brighter future. The stories are truly inspirational.